3 Repeatable Email Strategies to Add $30-40K More Per Month in Sales

Ads + Emails = 7 & 8-Figure Info Businesses

Everyone talks about ads but I firmly believe in optimizing BOTH to get the best results.

There will be days your ads feel like a rollercoaster (like the crypto market today), but emails will save you from the dip.

I’m going to give you 3 ACTIONABLE ideas you can start implementing in your business this week.

My team focuses on courses and high-ticket coaching programs, so if you’re in the same industry, you can easily implement the same strategies in your business.


If you are wondering how to send MORE emails without annoying people, creating an “Hot List” is one of the simplest methods to do it.

Here’s how it works:

You come up with a theme.

Let’s say you want to create a space to feature your clients as the hero. 

Then you decide on a day you want to send this email.

Let’s use Thursday as an example.

So every Thursday, you’ll send an email spotlighting your clients’ transformational stories.

Then in your regular email, share this idea with your subscribers and invite them to join you.

This is how we framed it (and got 12.5% of subscribers opting in).

In the first part of the email…we told them about this idea and when we planned to send it.

In the second part of the email…we said we would only do it if they gave us their permission because we want to respect their view.

In the third part of the email…we added a link so anyone who clicked on that link would automatically be tagged.

In subsequent weekly emails to the entire list, we added a similar CTA in the P.S. section of the email.

The first time we did it, we had 6,000 opens and 700 people clicking to join the Hot List.

Then the list grew by 50-100 every week.

There you go, now you have 2 lists who gave you their PERMISSION to send them emails.

The best part:

We’ve seen this tiny list produce more revenue than the whole list in some weeks!

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.


You’ve learned how to create a list within the list.

Now we’re going to take the idea one step further.

Whether you’re teaching others nutrition, wellness, music, or career skills, there are often “tracks”.

Some people want to master the basics and practice.

Some people want to explore it as a career option.

And you probably have DIFFERENT products tailored for each track.

Like the Student Mastery pathway VS Teacher Certification pathway.

This time, you’re going to create another list. Except you’re going to use BEHAVIORAL cues instead of asking them for permission.

I’ve tried asking people to opt into tracks several times…it doesn’t work.

You’ll either get overzealous individuals who click on multiple tracks ruining your entire segmentation strategy…

Or you’ll hear a pin drop. Inaction.

Instead you’re going to add a tag behind each CTA.

So each time you send a broadcast email, tag the product link BASED ON THE PERSONA.

If you promote an entry-level course in your next email, add a tag that says “INTERESTED – STUDENT TRACK”.

When you’re promoting an advanced or teacher training course, add a tag that says “INTERESTED – TEACHER TRACK”

You can give the tags any name…

This would also work if you have BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCE courses.

If you get an average of 100-300 clicks per email, within 8-12 weeks you’re going to see multiple lists of qualified candidates for EVERY product you have to offer.

How’s that for “laser-focused” targeting?


I’m a little embarrassed as I talk about this idea…

Because it came from a recent FAILED launch.

Basically we created an all access course bundle, produced a 5,000-word sales page that’s designed beautifully…only for it to flop.

We sent it out to a list of 33,000 people…

And had a grand total of 5 sales.

That email produced $3K in sales.

Great for the client since we didn’t charge extras for those emails, offer, copy, or sales page.

Turns out we already had hundreds of customers who bought multiple products so the bundle wasn’t all that attractive…

Plus the bundle was a little too overwhelming to the average beginner…

But something else caught our attention.

We added the bundle WITHOUT the steep discount onto our store…

One day we got a sale from it.

Someone paid FULL PRICE for it!

We looked into Hyros and found that this person just landed on our website from Google.


And bought.

$997 sale.

I dug further and couldn’t find any history of this person in our system.

Then a few days later, another sale happened.

Then…another sale happened.

All from organic traffic!

It was then we realized…there was a demand for all the courses.

Our message also worked.

Just not for the students who already bought more than one course.

They didn’t need the discount to buy either (it wasn’t big enough).

Long story short, it was a failure at first.

We wanted to create a mid-ticket offer that we could promote in between high-ticket product launches every quarter…

In this aspect, we failed.

But if we could promote this product to our email list once a quarter, $3K sales from one email isn’t that bad after all.

I guess we’ll find out in 2 months when we run this offer for 48 hours.

That’s it.

3 email strategies all in one post. I hope you take these strategies and run with it. Then share your wins with everyone on Facebook! Feel free to tag me in it.

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